Notes on belonging

How does one belong? Does the word “belonging” bring with it a sense of stasis? A stability, a certainty. What happens if I am rarely certain, or mostly on the move; or if I am repulsed by, or denied stability? Maybe “be-longing” speaks more tongues than “belonging.”

“Now I am going to talk to you about . . . flowers.” — C. L.

çiçek eskizleri by Bircan Yıleri

I had been sitting at my desk for about half an hour when I noticed the big flower, an Asiatic Lily, that she put on my desk with the tiny vase. Months ago, when I first moved here, we spent quite some time in arranging the interior spaces like the…

Pınar Türer

I'm obsessed with words and stories. Also I find too many things interesting.

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